Assembly & Commissioning

Turnkey installation

Whether it be a small installation or a complete production line, we assemble them all ourselves. Thanks to our modular systems, we can assemble the individually developed workstations turnkey on site.

In a first step, all systems are assembled in our factory before undergoing acceptance testing in cooperation with you, the customer. Following a successful FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), the systems are disassembled and packed according to customer requirements.

Next, our installation teams carry out the assembly and commissioning at the customer’s site. The final handover is completed through a documented SAT (Site Acceptance Test).


Ready for shipment

Once we have completed all the tests and the machine has been accepted by us in Umkirch, it is disassembled, packed and shipped worldwide. The complete system is dispatched to our international customers’ sites for installation and commissioning.

Assembly & Commissioning

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