Ernst KNOLL Feinmechanik GmbH

Tradition, precision and responsibility

Established as a family business over 60 years ago, KNOLL Feinmechanik is a recognised specialist for automation solutions in the manufacturing of medical articles as well as for industrial assembly processes where the highest precision is required.

Environmental awareness encompasses all key aspects of operational environmental protection, such as waste management, water use, air pollution control and energy saving. The company’s own solar power production contributes significantly to covering its energy needs.

Company history

Family business since 1956



Founding of the company by Ernst Knoll and moving into the first premises of Ernst KNOLL Feinmechanik. The main field of activity was the manufacture of precision mechanical components.


Machine assemblies

Manufacturing of integral machine assemblies. Here, the staff of the time present a head section of a rocket that was built for the Ionosphere Institute in Freiburg, Germany.


New developments

The company starts manufacturing equipment and machines for ski and snowboard services. The first new development in this area was a repair device for ski bases.


Production machines

In the 1970s, Ernst KNOLL Feinmechanik developed machines for the production of gauze swabs. This marked the company’s entry into the field of production machines for medical disposables.


Family tradition

Gerhard and Silvia Knoll joined the company.


Tube assembly

First fully automated system for a medical product with tube assembly. Today, the assembly of flexible components is considered a core competence of Ernst KNOLL Feinmechanik GmbH in the business field of automation.



Development of devices for the movement therapy of different joint types. Development and production were outsourced to the independent company Medireha GmbH. Today, the devices are distributed worldwide by Ormed GmbH / DJO-Global under the ARTROMOT® brand.



Expansion of the production area at the Umkirch site. Projects and systems for the production of customised automation solutions are realised on the premises at Stöckacker 2.


Expansion of ski & snowboard service

Expansion of production areas for ski and snowboard service. Today, distribution takes place under the worldwide known name MONTANA.


Robot systems

Introduction of robot systems into automation. Today, both single-robot systems and dual-robot systems from different manufacturers and of different designs are integrated into the system solutions.



Foundation of MONTANA Technology for Wintersports GmbH in Montafon, Austria, as a service and sales subsidiary.


Regenerative energies

Entry into the field of regenerative energies through the development and production of stringer systems for the automated connection of solar cells. The resulting SOMONT GmbH was sold to Meyer-Burger AG, Switzerland, in 2008.


Expansion of electrical engineering

Expansion of the electrical engineering / electronics department and the storage areas at the Umkirch site.


New development Vacura

Development of the vacuuming system VACURAPRO for the hygienic disposal of infectious waste. The devices are now distributed by the company Illenseer Hospitalia GmbH.



The German subsidiary MONTANA Sport Germany was founded.


Foundation of ASD

Foundation of the subsidiary ASD Automatic Storage Device GmbH. ASD develops and produces power storage systems for the private and commercial sector. The PACADU® technology is based on LFP battery cells connected in parallel.


Family business

Lena Knoll joined the company.


Family business

Hannes Knoll joined the company.