Individual modular system

Scalable modules for your application

We have developed a modular system which is available in different sizes. New elements are easily integrated. Components that can be easily converted offer flexibility and enable the production of different product types. Each workstation has its own control system and can be commissioned independently of the line. Additional modules incorporating new features can be installed in existing lines with little effort.
  • Stations can be extended as required
  • Separate control of the individual stations
  • No complete standstill of the entire system
  • Reduction of processing time / costs
  • High process reliability
  • 100% inspection of the machined parts
  • Cycle time reduction due to buffer station
  • Machining with continuous belts / belt-synchronous assembly

Assembly island

  • 1. Feeding station
  • 2. Unwinding station
  • 3. Cutting station
  • 4. Welding station
  • 5. Robot station
  • 6. Leak testing station

Linear assembly solution

  • 1. Buffer station
  • 2. Assembly station A
  •     Thermoforming, Foil cutting, Welding
  • 3. Assembly station B
  •     Foil cutting, Welding
  • 4. Leak testing station

Modular system

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