Connection technology

Coiled or assembled

Our connection technologies enable us to realise “tube to tube” or “tube to component” connections.
The tubes can be processed in a coiled or assembled state. Depending on the material and components, the connection is made using solvents or high-frequency/ultrasonic technology. In ultrasonic technology, we use welding generators of all well-known manufacturers according to best suitability or according to customer requirements.

Separation technology

The right cut for each material

The following technologies are used to separate and cut a wide variety of materials such as cellulose, non-wovens, PVC or PE:
Knife cutting, wobble cutting, rotary cutting, punching, ultrasonic and laser cutting.

We also use our specially developed cutting head based on “Spin-Cut” technology.


We use different cutting methods to cut a wide variety of materials.


We bond by using solvents with process-safe in-house dosing technology.


We use different welding methods such as high-frequency, ultrasonic or thermal welding.

Connection & Separation Technologies

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