Rapid prototyping & 3D printing

Individual parts

Using a special 3D process based on ONYX, we can produce complex, 3-dimensional components in a very short time. This method is always useful when components are needed for functional tests, proofs of concept and assembly and dimensional tests.

But rapid prototyping is also a powerful tool for customer presentation purposes: the data is transferred directly from CAD, so that a component true to the original can be produced in the shortest possible time. The high level of precision in production also allows the production of complete assemblies.

Your advantages

  • Rapid availability and thus time savings
  • Ideal for single component and small production runs
  • High part quality
  • Performance of functional tests – quick changes during development
  • High stability (ABS material)
  • Cost savings in the development process

*All internal departments – Design & Development, Mechanical Manufacturing, Control Cabinet Construction, Water Jet Cutting and Rapid Prototyping – can also be individually called upon to carry out external orders.

Further possibilities

Optimisation through special post-treatment

For specific applications, the components can also be post-treated to optimise special properties.
  • Chemical resistance
  • Heat and moisture resistance
  • Water and pressure tightness
  • Shielding against unwanted radiation
  • Insulation and conductivity properties

Examples & technical specifications

3 dimensional components


Maximum part size:
203 x 203 x 152 mm
Scalable when joining several components together


Minimum wall thickness:
1 mm


Required data:
.stl file (via e-mail)

Required stability:
stable, medium, light

Required colour:
ivory, black, red, white
(others on request)

Please indicate any special requirements for the component

Rapid prototyping & 3D printing

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