About the project

  • Industry: Automotive
  • Scope of services: Automation
  • Technology: Feeding/logistics, parts handling, flow measurement

This system is used to perform a 100% inline pressure drop measurement of coated catalytic converters. The catalytic converters are removed from a conveyor belt and inserted into a flow channel. The generated air flow allows the flow behaviour to be tested via defined measuring points. After the test, the catalytic converter is placed back on the conveyor belt.

Cycle time: 3.5 seconds with 2-up operation
Machine dimensions: 5640 x 1900 x 4200 (LxWxH)

The following features were successfully implemented in the system

  • Quick-change mechanism for workpiece pick-up
  • Wide variety in shape and size of catalytic converters
  • Impact protection in parts handling to prevent damage to the system and product
  • Bad parts are detected and sorted out
  • All drives are servo-controlled (electrically or pneumatically actuated)
  • Low vibration during testing
  • Robustness against dusty environments
  • Easy access for maintenance to components such as filters, tools and actuators Umgebung