Training as an industrial mechanic (m/f/d)

Duration of training 3.5 years

What does this job involve?

Industrial mechanics ensure that machines and production systems are ready for operation. They manufacture equipment parts, machine components and assemblies and assemble them into machines and technical systems. They then set them up, put them into operation and check their functions. Their tasks also include servicing and maintaining the systems. They determine the causes of faults, order suitable spare parts or make them themselves and carry out repairs. After completing assembly and testing work, they instruct colleagues or customers in operation and handling.

When working in the production of machines and precision engineering equipment, industrial mechanics primarily produce components made of metal and plastic. They turn, mill, drill and grind the material, weld or screw the components and assemble and adjust them.

Where does one work?

Industrial mechanics can work in different industries, e.g.:

  • in machine and vehicle construction
  • in the electrical industry
  • in the textile industry
  • in the wood and paper processing industry

They work mainly in the workshop and in factory halls and on production plants. During assembly and maintenance work, they are deployed to different work locations.

What does it involve?

This profession requires above all diligence, e.g. when evaluating technical documents, when maintaining and repairing machines and when carrying out quality controls.

You should have good knowledge of mathematics, as you have to convert values from tables or calculate lengths, angles or volumes for the production of spare parts. Knowledge of physics is important in order to handle the different machines and production plants and to understand the necessary basics of electrical and control engineering. Knowledge of information technology makes the first steps into working with computer-controlled machines easier.

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