Training as a mechatronics engineer (m/f/d)

Duration of training 3.5 years

What does this job involve?

Mechatronics engineers build complex mechatronic systems such as robots for industrial production from mechanical, electrical and electronic components. They manufacture the individual components and assemble them into systems and plants. They put the finished systems into operation, program them or install the associated software.
Mechatronics technicians base their work on circuit diagrams and design drawings and carefully test the systems before handing them over to their customers. They also maintain and repair mechatronic systems.

Where does one work?

Mechatronics engineers mainly work

  • in mechanical and plant engineering companies
  • in the automotive industry, in aircraft and spacecraft construction
  • at manufacturers of industrial process control equipment or electrical systems and components
  • at companies in the information and communications or medical technology sectors

They work in workshops and factory halls, and also in customers’ production facilities during assembly and maintenance work.

What does it involve?

This profession requires above all diligence, e.g. when reading and implementing circuit diagrams and construction drawings. A willingness to learn is required to keep up to date with the latest developments in the field of electronics and information processing. Flexibility is beneficial to help adapt to changing work locations and conditions during assembly assignments.
Knowledge of mathematics is indispensable, as you e.g. have to record, understand and evaluate measured values. Computer skills are also important for dealing with hardware and software components and for configuration work. When installing mechatronic systems, knowledge of plants and technology is an advantage.

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