About the project

  • Customer: Listed international group
  • Industry: Medical technology
  • Scope of services: Automation, development, manufacturing
  • Technology: Leak testing, connection technology, vision technology

The assembly line has been designed for high-volume welding of a pump cassette on both sides (A and B). The processing stations include a welding and cutting process as well as additional thermoforming in type A. Flexible part handling is handled by robots with vision application in all stations. We have integrated module-based assembly cells featuring high redundancy and system availability.

Cycle time: 5 seconds/pump cassette

3 type A and 2 type B assembly cells (can be extended as required)

The following modules were successfully implemented in the system

  • Circulating conveyor belt
  • Loading station with buffer
  • 5 modular processing stations (type A and type B)
  • Leak test station
  • Robot with vision application for flexible parts handling
  • Servo-controlled drives (electrically or pneumatically operated)
  • Robustness against dusty environments